KİMERA Life Sciences is currently taking place in a number of national and international projects targeting development of novel products which are to be used in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as food supplements which are to be used in replacement of their imported equivalents.

KİMERA Life Sciences employs qualified researchers in the field of food, health and biotechnology. Our R&D section has a technical capacity of running molecular, genetic, imun-based and spectrophotometric analysis.

Our works are run using in vitro/ex vivo/in vivo animal models and in vitro models such as isolated organ, cell culture etc.

In the field of biotechnolgy, Kimera Life Sciences is capable of;

Doing any kind of cell and tissue cultures, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology, cosmetics, pharmacology, biochemistry etc.
Producing protein, antibody, vaccine for human and animal health purposes,
Developing diagnosis and/or monitoring kits or dedectors, bioinformatics methods, DNA or protein chips,
Developing lab techniques for diagnosis of diseases,
Producing novel goods using plant, animal or microorganisms for food and/or non-food applications.